API will work with your school to design an abroad program that meets the needs of your students and
teachers. API offers several unique program models to accomplish the goals of every program.


A teacher from your school designs the program and API makes all logistical arrangements.


API arranges for a host country language school or foreign university to teach specific courses exclusively
to your students. This model allows your students to experience classes taught by host country faculty while allowing teachers to determine the focus of the program.


Your school adopts an API high school program and offers it to your high school’s students. Your students will be enrolled with students from other schools. If your school is able to gather eight or more students to participate in an API program, API will cover airfare and lodging for a designated representative from your institution for this period.


A U.S. teacher-led or language school program, or a combination of both, that takes place in more than
one location.

We will consider any request for a program that will operate in one of API's existing sites: Argentina, Costa Rica, England, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Poland, and Spain.


The following is a brief list of program possibilities:

Language and Culture Immersion in Argentina, Costa Rica, France, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Mexico, and Spain

International Business in Argentina, Mexico, or Spain

Biology or Environmental Studies in Costa Rica

Soccer/Sports and Culture in Ireland or Italy

Jewish/Polish Studies in Poland

Art and Design in Italy, France or Spain

Spain Salamanca Salamanca Cathedral
Italy Florence Duomo From Side
Costa Rica Students Hiking In Jungle
Ireland Castle In Forest
France Paris Notre Dame
Italy Florence River
France Paris Louvre Pyramid
Italy Florence Duomo
Ireland Close Up Of Castle
Costa Rica Butterfly
Ireland Clover