apply nowArgentine and Latin American Studies Program
HOST INSTITUTION: Universidad de Belgrano
LANGUAGE REQUIREMENT: No previous study of Spanish required to take coursework in English. Intermediate-level Spanish proficiency required for courses in Spanish. 
ACCOMMODATIONS: Host family located within city center. Meals and laundry service included. All students have a private bedroom. 


Academic Program


Early Start Semester

18-21 semester credits


12-15 semester credits

Students interested in Argentine and Latin American culture, economics, history, and politics are ideally suited to study abroad in Buenos Aires in API's Argentine and Latin American Studies Program. The program caters to students at all levels of Spanish.

Early Start Option 


Students selecting the Early Start option complete an intensive Spanish language course prior to the start of the standard semester. The intensive Spanish course consists of five hours of Spanish class, 4-5 days a week. Each intensive course is equivalent to 3-7 semester credits, depending on how credit is awarded by the home university. Once the regular semester starts, beginning and low intermediate Spanish speakers complete all coursework in English.

Students with a minimum of three semesters of Spanish or the equivalent can choose to complete a combination of Spanish language courses and elective courses in English or Spanish. All courses are equivalent to 3 U.S. semester credits.

Courses with Argentine Students 


Students with advanced Spanish language skills are welcome to select 1-2 courses with Argentine students. As the standard Argentine semester is 3-4 weeks longer than the academic calendar for visiting students, API students who select courses with Argentines will be charged an additional fee to extend their API housing. 

Academic Year/Calendar Year Students


The Argentine academic calendar follows the calendar year. The first semester in Argentina is actually the equivalent of the Spring semester in the U.S. Students who wish to study for two semesters in Argentina are encouraged to consider the Calendar Year option (Spring/Fall). Students selecting a Calendar Year program have access to API housing throughout their program and are not required to travel or return home during the semester break. In contrast, students selecting the Academic Year option (Fall/Spring) will have a 3-3.5 month break between semesters during which API housing is not provided. Both Fall and Spring Early Start options include an intensive-month Spanish course prior to the start of the semester.


API students receive a transcript from the Universidad de Belgrano upon completion of their program.
  Calendar Year (Early Start) 2018: January 26, 2018 - November 9, 2018 $25,380
  Calendar Year 2018: February 22, 2018 - November 9, 2018 $23,380
  Fall (Early Start) 2018: June 21, 2018 - November 9, 2018 $13,980
  Fall 2018: July 20, 2018 - November 9, 2018 $11,880
  Academic Year (Early Start) 2018: June 21, 2018 - Mid-June, 2019 $25,860
  Academic Year: 2018 July 20, 2018 - Mid-June, 2019 $23,760
  Spring (Early Start) 2019: January 25, 2019 - June 14, 2019 $13,180
  Spring 2019: February 21, 2019 - June 14, 2019 $11,180
  Calendar Year (Early Start) 2019: January 25, 2019 - November 8, 2019 $25,380
  Calendar Year 2019: February 21, 2019 - November 8, 2019 $23,380


Founded in the 1500s by Spanish conquistadores, Buenos Aires has evolved into a thriving, cosmopolitan city with more than 6 million inhabitants within the city limits and another 6 million in the surrounding areas. Known for its vibrant nightlife, where tango thrives in tangueras, milongas and cultural centers, Buenos Aires offers a dazzling array of learning opportunities, cultural events and social attractions. The seat of the national government, Buenos Aires presents a unique opportunity to analyze the politics and history of this complex and fascinating country. Universities, museums, theatres, shopping districts, and restaurants abound in this metropolis, described by many as the Paris of Latin America.

Spain Salamanca Plaza Mayor
Ireland Coast At Sunrise Ring Of Kerry
Ireland Coast At Sunset
Ireland Cork University Cork County Courtyard
Spain Salamanca Plaza Mejor At Night
France Paris Eiffel Tower Looking Up
Costa Rica San Jose Statue
Italy Florence Duomo
Italy Florence Duomo From Side
Ireland Green Fields And Ocean
Italy Florence Duomo