apply nowBritish Studies Semester Gap Program
MINIMUM AGE: 18 (and high school graduate)
ACADEMIC PROGRAM: This program is a perfect option for those who wish to study abroad in an authentic English manor while reaping all the benefits of a full college study abroad experience (before they even begin college!).
DATES & PRICES: Spring 2019 January 10, 2019 - April 25, 2019 TBA


Harlaxton offers an academic program of the highest quality which integrates traditional teaching with experiential learning and extensive travel opportunities to create a unique study abroad experience. The college offers a curriculum that appeals to students from all majors at the heart of which is the British Studies course (6 credits) taken by all students and taught by an outstanding British faculty. The course offerings, however, cover a breadth of disciplines and general education options that allow students to progress seamlessly toward graduation while also expanding their personal and academic horizons. Honors options are also widely available. Under the direction of talented and dedicated faculty, Honors students at Harlaxton can take advantage of unique research, travel and presentation opportunities to learn and develop new skills in the glorious setting of Harlaxton Manor.

Harlaxton offers a wide and changing curriculum with a range of General Education courses and higher level electives in the Arts, Sciences, and Humanities available each semester. Students are required to take a minimum of 12 credits (of which British Studies accounts for 6) although many take on a greater work-load.



Harlaxton College takes pride in the quality of its academic programs and the work of its faculty and students. The faculty encourage undergraduate research and are always interested in exploring new opportunities and ideas with prospective and current students. While studying at Harlaxton there may be opportunities to undertake preliminary research for a senior thesis or similar project or to undertake fieldwork at British/European locations or in British libraries and archives. As well as teaching, Harlaxton faculty are active in academic research and can supervise student research projects in a wide variety of areas. A range of classes, in addition to British Studies (H382H), are available for Honors credit and Independent Study options can often be organized (see the course offerings page for further information).



The House system is an integral part of life at Harlaxton College and aims to provide a sense of community and identity within each House that goes beyond students’ home campuses. The House system also works to:


  • Provide a framework for the College’s extracurricular activities;
  • Increase involvement in academic, athletic, creative, and social activities;
  • Engage students with a strong British tradition and history associated with the individual Houses;
  • Provide additional leadership opportunities through the House Captain roles;
  • Create a stable platform for extracurricular activities and provide opportunities for students to positively engage with the Harlaxton community outside of the classroom.


House events run throughout the semester with points being awarded for each event or competition. Competitions/events fall into the categories of Academic, Athletic, Creative, Social, and Other. The House with the most points at the end of the semester will win the overall House competition: The Manor Key! The various houses include Gregory, Mercia, Newton, and Pegasus. For more on the houses, visit the API Blog.


Since 1983, British families have been opening their homes to Harlaxton students through the Meet-A-Family Experience. This is an outstanding opportunity for students to be immersed in and better understand authentic British culture.

Students visit British homes for meals throughout the semester, sometimes going with their families on trips, to concerts, or to sporting events. Harlaxton students quite literally “get a taste” of British family life, sometimes returning the compliment by cooking an American meal for their host family—and always, twice a semester, hosting their British “Mums” and Dads at their house, Harlaxton Manor, which the families love.

The relationships often last a lifetime. American students come back to England to visit; British hosts go to the States for graduations and weddings.

It’s a chance to have “family” close by while living abroad, along with an unforgettable experience in cross-cultural understanding and caring.



Students receive an official transcript from the University of Evansville upon successful completion of the program. The University of Evansville is a four-year, fully accredited U.S. university in Evansville, Indiana.

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