French Language*

This course has three goals: to acquire a sound basis of grammar, vocabulary and idiom; to develop different means of expression and written and oral comprehension; and to learn about French culture. The methods of language teaching are varied and include such activities as the study of authentic documents, including newspapers, comic strips, literary texts and videos. All classes call for the active participation of students.

*beginning, intermediate, advanced and superior levels are available


Students at any level of French language ability are able to participate in the teaching internship for an additional 3 credits. Spaces are limited and are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Students may do this on a volunteer basis not for academic credit, or they may work with a teacher at the CUEF to get academic credit for the internship. Students who wish to receive credit will need to do additional assignments along with the teaching hours, and they will pay an additional fee of $450.

A French Experience: Internship (3)

Students teach English in a French collège. This is a unique experience for API students in Grenoble to get to know French life from the inside, not only through the teenagers in the classes students teach, but also from the teachers that students assist.


Students teach English two to three hours a week in a collège (junior high school). Classes are generally conversational courses for French pupils. Students are asked to keep a journal where all course plans and weekly evaluations are registered (one page per class, per course taught). Students also have to write a final internship report (in French) analyzing the French teaching system and their perception of French society through their own teaching experience. Upon successful completion students earn 3 semester credits. A teacher at the CUEF will help the students to write his/her report and will grade the internship.

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France Paris Metro Station
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France Paris Statue On Opera
France Paris Notre Dame
France Paris Louvre Pyramid
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