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Welcome to the Rome course schedules page.

Below you will find links to the course schedules per term, as well as links to course syllabi. Unless otherwise indicated, all courses carry three semester hours of credit. Please note that not all courses are offered every semester or every year.

Be sure to check for any course additions, cancellations, or closures, and remember to pay close attention to class times in order to avoid conflicts. Please make your course selections from these online listings when completing the program application.

If you have any questions while looking at the course schedule or filling out your application, please call the API office at (800) 844-4124.


Spring 2017 Course Offerings

Fall and Spring Course Syllabi


API students have the opportunity to participate in an internship for a semester or academic year while studying at JCU. Internships are only credit bearing if the student stays for a semester or full academic year and submits all required documents by the API application deadline (though interested students are encouraged to apply early). Internships may or may not require Italian experience; it will depend upon the specific placement. There are no extra charges for the internship. Students who are interested in this opportunity should submit at CV/resume and letter of interest to their API Program Manager in addition to their API application. Once your Program Manager receives all completed supplemental application components for the internship, you will then be contacted by the JCU internship coordinator for follow up.


Students who are interested in participating in the offerings of the JCU Institute for Entrepreneurship (course track, internships, events, workshops, and networking) should consult the following document, and consult their API Rome Program Manager. Internship placements are subject to change, but may include travel agencies, art galleries, publications, event planning, multi-media, and more. Internships fill quickly, so students should indicate their interest early to the Program Manager.


JCU has developed an extensive network of over 45 Italian public high schools as part of its Italy Reads program. This past year nearly 70 study abroad students visited Italian high schools to collaborate with Italian high school teachers of English and their students on discussions of a selected novel. For the fall 2013 term, the novel students will be reading is Jhumpa Lahiri’s “The Namesake,” which was especially selected to address multiculturalism in Italian public high schools.

To participate in this program, students will sign up online before they leave, undertake a short not-for-credit training course on the selected novel, and then they will receive an additional orientation in Rome before beginning. Upon completion of the program, students receive a certificate. For more information on this option, please contact your API Program Manager.


Italy Florence At Night
Italy Florence Boat Under Bridge
Italy Florence River
Italy Florence Duomo From Tower
Italy Florence Duomo From Side
Italy Florence Mopeds
Italy Florence Painting On Sidewalk
Italy Florence City From Above
Italy Florence Duomo
Italy Florence Duomo
Italy Florence Duomo Ceiling