Course Offerings

Welcome to the LdM Rome course schedules page.

In the link below, be sure to check for any course additions, cancellations, or closures, and remember to pay close attention to prerequisites and class times in order to avoid conflicts.Not all courses are offered every session. The course selection may vary and no course is guaranteed. Some courses may require additional fees for labs, equipment, etc. These fees are not included in the program cost.

Courses are available at lower- and upper-division levels. In general, 100 level courses are elementary, 200–300 level courses are intermediate, and 400 level courses are advanced. Students who choose intermediate level Italian or higher must complete a placement exam upon arrival to verify their level of proficiency. Students who do not meet proficiency standards are assigned to the appropriate course.

When obtaining pre-approval for course selections, students should refer to the Marist College course codes and titles, as these will appear on the transcript. If you have any questions while looking at the course schedule or filling out your application, please call the API office at (800) 844-4124.

LdM course schedules – click this link, scroll to the city and term you are interested in.



The class schedules on the API website indicate that many of the studio art courses involve two time blocks; students enrolled in those courses must attend both time blocks.

Placement exams for studio arts courses are mandatory for any student wishing to register for any course at a level other than beginning. Studio art placement tests are administered during the first week of classes. Students are provided with the exact meeting time during orientation.


LdM internships offer students the possibility to learn different aspects of working in Italy, a country known for its artisan and small business culture. LdM strives to place students in companies which enable them to explore and understand the strengths and structure of the Italian business environment in a variety of fields. Internships are available for credit and in combination with academic courses only.

Internship options are listed on the API/LdM course schedules on the website, and subjects may include:

  • Art History/Museum Studies
  • Business Internship
  • Fashion Marketing/Retail Management and Merchandising
  • Sport Marketing and Communications

Students should indicate their interest in an internship upon application, and submit a résumé/C.V., essay and portfolio. The internship essay should discuss the student’s reason for applying, expectations about the internship, and a detailed description of the duties in which the student would like to partake in. An on-site interview is required of all students. Placements are limited, so students are encouraged to apply early!


Many studio art classes require that students purchase their own materials. The cost of materials varies depending on the type of course. While students may want to bring some basic, easily transportable materials (such as brushes or pastels) with them, most course materials should be purchased in Italy once classes start. Students can speak directly with their instructors to make sure they buy exactly what is required for the course. Many studio arts and cuisine courses require a lab fee that is paid by students upon arrival. In addition, several courses from different departments require that students pay for visits and field trips as noted in the descriptions for such courses.

Italy Florence Duomo From Side
Italy Florence Painting On Sidewalk
Italy Florence River
Italy Florence City From Above
Italy Florence At Night
Italy Florence Boat Under Bridge
Italy Florence Mopeds
Italy Florence Duomo
Italy Florence Duomo Ceiling
Italy Florence Duomo From Tower
Italy Florence Duomo