Course Offerings

If you require syllabi that are not listed below, please contact your API Program Manager.


Each course at the University of Stirling is assigned an SCQF level ranging from 8-10. Level 8 courses are generally first year courses, level 9 are normally second year courses which require some background knowledge, and level 10 courses are usually third and fourth year courses which are at an advanced level and require considerable background in this subject area. Gap students are required to take a minimum of 3 Level 8 courses.


The first 3 characters of the code indicate the department, and the second three the course module itself. Where a code ends in “1” or “2”, the module is generally offered in semester one or two of the Stirling degree program (first/freshman year courses); “3” or “4” indicates semester three or semester four of the degree program (second/junior year course) etc. If the code ends in a letter, the module is almost always available only to students in semesters 5-8 (junior/senior year) of the degree program who have a strong academic background in the subject. Not all courses are offered every semester or every year. The course selection may vary, and no course is guaranteed. Some courses may have prerequisites, and some courses may require additional fees for labs, equipment, etc. Registration takes place upon arrival; however, we recommend that after consulting the API website for course listings, students have 6-8 courses approved by their home university prior to departure, in order to allow for scheduling conflicts and the possible unavailability of certain classes. Students can visit the API website for the complete course listings by semester and use these course listings when completing the course preregistration form (available in the student’s @api account) for the API application. Course times, course descriptions and the semester in which a course is offered are subject to change and no course is guaranteed.

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