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All students with 2 semesters of college-level Spanish (equivalent to the intermediate level) or more are able to participate in a volunteer teaching program. Students assist professors one hour per week, teaching English to Spaniards (ages 18 and up). Students will be able to apply for these opportunities on site, and placements are limited. This is a unique experience for API students in Salamanca to get to know Spaniards and Spanish life.



Beginning level students are required to take Spanish Grammar and Spanish Vocabulary.

Lengua española (Spanish Grammar) (6-7) – Conducted in Spanish [Syllabus]

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of Spanish grammar. Particular attention is given to difficult parts of speech that challenge foreign students.

Ampliación de léxico (Spanish Vocabulary) (3) – Conducted in Spanish [Syllabus]

Students learn vocabulary words grouped by semantic meanings. Practice of vocabulary in this arrangement allows students to learn not only the words, but also be able to recognize and understand them in context.


Beginning level students may choose to take one or two of the following three courses.

Laboratorio de idiomas (Language Lab) (3) – Conducted in Spanish [Syllabus]

In this course students practice basic useful Spanish sentences, as well as the sounds or sequences of sounds which are especially difficult for foreign speakers. The goal is to improve pronunciation.

Actividades para la comunicación (Activities for Communication) (3) – Conducted in Spanish [Syllabus]

This course gives students practical situations in which to practice their Spanish language as a Spaniard would. Focus is on correct verb tenses and pronunciation.



Intermediate, Advanced and Superior level students are required to take Spanish Grammar.

Lengua española intermedio (Intermediate Spanish Grammar) (6-7) – Conducted in Spanish [Syllabus]

This course gives a general view of the most important grammar points in Spanish, reviewing the basic verb tenses and adding the subjunctive and conditional forms. Vocabulary expansion is stressed as an important aid to fluency.

Lengua española avanzado y superior (Advanced and Superior Spanish Grammar) (6-7) – Conducted in Spanish [Syllabus]

These courses offer a systematic review of all verb tenses and moods and help studentsto further develop and improve their writing skills. Vocabulary acquisition is a key component in both advanced and superior levels. Courses are taught at the appropriate level (advanced or superior), and are similar in structure.


Intermediate, Advanced and Superior level students choose 2-3 additional courses from the following:

Arte español (Spanish Art History) (3) – Conducted in Spanish [Syllabus]

This course focuses on the history of art in Spain. It includes the study of architectural styles (Gothic, Baroque Romanesque), painting by important Spanish artists and the study of major artworks and monuments in Spain. Some background in art history terminology is helpful.

Cine español e hispanoamericano (Spanish and Latin American Cinema) (3) – Conducted in Spanish [Syllabus]

In this subject students explore the narrative mechanisms that make film a special artistic medium. The class views a variety of Spanish and Latin-American films from a cinematographic point of view. Students learn how different aspects of the Hispanic culture are shown and analyze the aesthetic and social issues. Students conduct reviews, critical analyses and comparative studies which allow them to develop their communicative skills and their ability to draw conclusions.

Conversación y redacción (Spanish Conversation and Composition) (3) – Conducted in Spanish [Syllabus]

Students learn how to make clear and detailed descriptions, narrations and oral presentations. Students are taught how to understand and summarize oral texts (radio, television, films) as well as how to read and understand written texts (press, advertisements, magazines, books), and give oral presentations in class. Students receive guidelines on how to develop their ability to write clear texts, using a coherent organization and distribution of ideas and an appropriate use of the connectives and vocabulary.

Cultura española (Spanish Culture) (3) – Conducted in Spanish [Syllabus]

This course presents a wide variety of information about Spain and its people. Topics include an introduction to the most important aspects of Spanish geography, history, politics, art history, and popular culture (bullfighting, flamenco, and music). This is an excellent option for the student wishing to gain a deeper understanding of the country and culture.

Destrezas escritas (Spanish Writing) (3) – Conducted in Spanish [Syllabus]

This is a seminar on written Spanish expression. It is designed to improve writing skills. Exercises include writing papers, essays, and other genre of the written word in Spanish. This course is helpful for students who already have a strong verbal ability in Spanish and want to increase their written ability.

Destrezas orales (Spanish Communication)(3) – Conducted in Spanish [Syllabus]

This class is designed to work on the ability of students to express themselves in Spanish. This is a very good option for advanced level students who want to work on their speaking skills.

La mujer en la Historia de España (The Role of Women in Spanish History) (3) – Conducted in Spanish [Syllabus]

This class explores the role women have played throughout Spanish history. Students study the history of Spain from the beginning of the 20th century, taking a look at the Second Republic, the Civil War, Franco’s regime, the Transition, and finally, the current situation. The history of women in Spain is analyzed through the study of the most important figures of literature (Emilia Pardo Bazán, Carmen Martín Gaite), politics (Clara Campoamor, Dolores Ibarruri), philosophy (María Zambrano, Calia Amorós) and the arts (María Blanchard, María Casares).

El mundo árabe en el mundo hispánico (The Arab World in Hispanic Culture) (3) – Conducted in Spanish [Syllabus]

This class analyzes the Moorish influence in Hispanic societies and cultures and studies the role Arab language, literature and arts, together with other cultures, have had in the development of the Hispanic identity. The contents of this course are divided into four sections: the Moors and the Hispanic world through history; the Arabic language as a key element for the development of the Spanish language; medicine, philosophy and sciences; and Moorish architecture in Spain.

Español de los negocios (Spanish for Business) (3) – Conducted in Spanish [Syllabus]

This course focuses on the business world in Spain. The class also includes helpful vocabulary related to business, “how-to” information, and common business practices and formalities that are useful to know, such as how to write a formal business letter in Spanish. It is helpful to have some knowledge of the business world, economics, or general concepts related to these topics.

Historia de España (Spanish History) (3) – Conducted in Spanish [Syllabus]

This class focuses on the history of Spain in the 19th and 20th centuries. Topics include the Spanish Civil War, Franco, the transition to democracy, and the present political situation. It is helpful to have a general idea of concepts such as fascism, republics, monarchies, and modern world events.

Literatura española e hispanoamericana (Spanish and Latin American Literature) (3) – Conducted in Spanish [Syllabus]

The objective of this course is to familiarize students with some of the most representative Spanish and Latin American authors of the twentieth century, as well as their links to the sociocultural context of each time period. Students review relevant literary trends through a selection of texts of different genres: poetry and theater from the first decades of the century and the novel from the 1940s to the present day.

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