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The API High School Summer Community Service program in Bhutan takes place in the dreamy Himalayan city of Thimphu. This program is a week-long community service program providing students with the opportunity to learn about the Bhutanese concept of Gross National Happiness, while exploring and giving back to this culturally-rich community.

Participants will work together with young children from Bhutan, as well as environmental and community beautification or construction projects around Thimphu. The group will engage in several field trips, nature hikes, and an overnight trip as part of the program. They will assist local farmers during their peak vegetable harvesting season, and use freshly harvested produce in a Bhutanese cooking class. They will even tour a monastery, receive a water blessing from monks, and learn how to meditate - it is a truly mindful experience!



 Summer: June 16 - 27, 2018 (10 days)

Application Deadline April 1, 2018
Payment Deadline April 15, 2018


Summer: $6,875 (includes airfare!)


 14-18 (rising high school sophomores, juniors, or seniors)


 No academic credit


 Hotel (includes 3 meals per day)

Language of Instruction



Looking for something completely new? Wanting to really step out of your comfort zone and experience a different culture and way of life? Tired of the “traditional” study abroad destinations? Then you should study abroad in Bhutan with API and have the academic and cultural experience of a lifetime! Located between India and China, Bhutan is a landlocked Himalayan paradise. Often referred to as the “last Shangri-la”, Bhutan is known for its natural beauty, diverse landscapes, friendly people, and its official national philosophy of “Gross National Happiness“. To visit Bhutan is to step into a different world – one where concepts such as karma, happiness, tranquility, resourcefulness, and curiosity combine to transform you!

Thimphu is the capital city of the Kingdom of Bhutan, and is located in the western part of the country at around 2,300 meters (7,545 feet) above sea level. The city has a population around 100,000 people, including expats from India, Japan, Thailand, Europe, and the U.S. The fertile river valley in which Thimphu sits features many ancient monuments, fortresses, and temples, and is beginning to see some controlled and modern development as well. Indeed, sustainable development and environmental sustainability are very important concepts in Thimphu specifically, and Bhutan in general. Two of Bhutan’s biggest industries are travel and hydro-electric power, so it is in the country’s best interests and its philosophy to establish a harmony between these forces. Since Bhutan only opened up to the outside world in the past decade or so, it still retains a very authentic feel, with few, if any, western influences such as restaurants, stores, or brands. This affords students and visitors a unique opportunity to truly immerse themselves into a country and culture in a way that they’d be unlikely to do in a more traditional destination.

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