Classes are taught in French. A placement exam will be administered prior to arrival to determine each student’s level of language study. The summer session provides a general overview of French language studies for all levels. Students will have 21 hours of class per week: 18 hours of French language plus 2 workshops in phonetics or written French, depending on each student’s level and ability. Students will earn a total of 84 contact hours for the summer session.

Transcripts: All courses are taught and transcripts are issued by the Institut Catholique de Paris.
Language of Instruction: French
French Language Levels: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced
Entry requirements: Valid passport.  No student visa required.


France Paris Notre Dame
France Paris Eiffel Tower With Blue Sky
France Paris Eiffel Tower Looking Up
France Paris Gold Horse Statue
France Paris Statue On Opera
France Paris Louvre Pyramid
France Paris Metro Station
France Paris Metro Sign
France Paris Eiffel Tower Purple Sky
France Paris Musee D Orsay Clock