Course Information


Classes take place during most weekday mornings.  The following courses are offered:

  • Italian Language – Absolute Beginners (1 hr./day; total of 10 hrs.)

Survival Italian is a breakthrough course introducing learners to the very basic situations of life in Italy, therefore related to areas of immediate needs. It is meant to give learners a limited but useful range of lexical items and context-specific phrases. By the end of this course learners should be able to introduce themselves, ask and answer simple questions about people and objects, ask for and understand directions, tell the time, use numbers to ask and tell prices and quantities, especially while shopping. 

  • Sketchbook – Beginners (1.5 hrs./day; total of 15 hrs.)

After initial training in fundamental drawing techniques for pencil, pen and other media, the course is dedicated principally to sketchbook outdoors. Students develop ability in representing a variety of subjects, basic observation and watercolor skills. Exploiting the advantages of the site, students explore such themes as historical monuments, street life, and formal gardens.

  • Introduction to Digital Photography (2 hrs./day; total of 20 hrs.) - Please note: students must bring their own digital camera to enroll in this course.

The course provides a basic approach to how the photographic digital camera works. Students learn to express themselves through the photographic medium and use their cameras as a friendly tool in their experience abroad. Basic classic photography skills including an understanding of focal length, aperture, shutter speed, composition, and quality of light are integrated with techniques specific to digital capture and the manipulation of images in Photoshop. Photoshop software is used to process photographic imagery. During the course specific assignments help students to learn all basic digital techniques and use their cameras in all its settings to gain confidence and an increased technical control of the medium, as well as a more critical eye. This course is 100% digital.

Italy Florence Duomo Ceiling
Italy Florence Duomo
Italy Florence City From Above
Italy Florence Mopeds
Italy Florence At Night
Italy Florence Painting On Sidewalk
Italy Florence Duomo From Tower
Italy Florence Duomo From Side
Italy Florence Boat Under Bridge
Italy Florence River
Italy Florence Duomo