Classes are held at a centrally-located language and culture institute in Salamanca and are offered at a high school level. The classes are taught by local instructors and are conducted entirely in Spanish, regardless of language level. A placement exam is administered upon arrival to determine Spanish level. Classes are offered at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. Classes are small in size, with no more than 10-15 students per class. All students take Spanish language, culture and conversation courses, which involve group participation and interaction.


Monday – Friday Classes in the mornings. Three to four hours per day.  Lunch with host family.
API cultural and recreational activities in the afternoons.
Weekends, Overnight and Day trips: Two week program: Santander and Segovia
Four week program: Santander, Segovia, and Portugal
Spain Salamanca Cathedral Looking Up
Spain Salamanca Salamanca Cathedral
Spain Salamanca The Church Of The Convent Of Saint Esteban
Spain Salamanca Cathedral Of Salamanca
Spain Salamanca Cathedral And Lake
Spain Salamanca Salamanca Cathedral
Spain Salamanca University Of Salamanca Building
Spain Salamanca Plaza Mayor
Spain Salamanca Cathedral Tops And Clouds
Spain Salamanca Relief With Astronaut
Spain Salamanca Plaza Mejor At Night